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We strive for Balance and Spirituality By embracing the following four guiding principles:

Family Integrity Work Play
Family: Improving relationships within your family of origin, your new second family (us), and the community.

Integrity: The personal inner sense of wholeness deriving from honesty and consistent uprightness of character.  Having s strong moral compass and being impeccable with your word.

Work : "Work hard and then play hard" is our motto.  School work, chores, meaningful community service, and employment opportunities are some of the ways a strong work ethic will be instilled in your son.

Play : Learning to have fun sober is paramount to your son’s recovery.  Improving self efficacy in various recreational activities leads to improved self-worth and personal competency.  Your son will participate in daily recreation that will provide a wholesome release from the daily pressures of life, while at the same time increasing his self esteem as he improves his skills in a variety of sports and different types of recreation.

Our Balanced Approach Meet Our Staff
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Letter To Parents
Crossroads Academy Samuel K. Dahlin, MS, Ph.D., LMFT
Co-Owner/Founder, Clinical Director, Primary Therapist
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Crossroads Academy Derek Bowles, MS, LCSW
Co-Owner/Founder, Program Director, Primary Therapist
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Crossroads Academy Eric Dahlin
Co-Owner/Founder, Business Administrator
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Crossroads Academy Ian D. Feinauer, Ph. D., LMFT
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Crossroads Academy Jason Dalton, MS, LCSW
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Crossroads Academy Shawn Thompson, MS, LCSW
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Crossroads Academy Matthew Dahlin, MS, LCSW
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Crossroads Academy Barrett Wilson, MS, MFT
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Crossroads Academy Micky Knapton
Recreation Director, Sports Instructor
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